Hilton Liverpool Hotel

Proposed Grace Suite Extension

Value : £2.5M

The Hilton Liverpool Hotel is seen as one of Liverpool’s finest new buildings of significant architectural merit. The existing building’s elegance is achieved by a gently curved facade that faces onto the principle route into Liverpool 1 from Albert Docks – Thomas Steers Way.

The proposed ‘Grace Suite’ extension will maintain the same radial set out as the existing building in order to minimise the impact on the strong structured order of the podium colonnade. At first floor level, extruded bay window forms project through the radial columns in a manner that will complement the bold modelling and architectural language of the existing facades. The full glazed frontage to the ground floor restaurant is set back behind the main columns and this will further enhance and emphasise the impression of the first floor accommodation floating above.

There will be a slight narrowing of Thomas Steers Way at the east end of the pedestrian route. However, where the current building arrangement fails to offer an active frontage to the street on the east elevation and along the nightclub frontage, this proposal addresses the issue by introducing a ground floor restaurant which will reanimate the area around Custom’s House Place. The ground floor restaurant footprint extends beyond the first floor accommodation at the east end of the development and this affords the opportunity to create a first floor glazed terrace enclosure and open a positive dialogue with the raised park area opposite.

Materials proposed for the extension will broadly adopt a similar pallet as the existing building i.e. pre-cast concrete cladding panels and glazed curtain walling. Added to this the projecting bay windows at first floor level will be clad in a blue-grey zinc metal finish.